Reducing Company Stress with SEO, Visual Effects and Squishy Keychains

Reducing Company Stress with SEO, Visual Effects and Squishy Keychains

Reduce Stress with Success

Recently my friend has been complaining a lot about stress at work and the impact it is having on his health. He complains of lower back pain and also overall stress that is impacting his ability to sleep, digest and focus at work. So I looked into what are good ways that companies can reduce the stress of their employees (with success) and also build brand awareness, cause who doesn’t like a win-win right? Let’s start with custom floating keychains.


  • The first Item I looked at was custom floating keychains that are squishy and can be used a stress ball, hook up to your current keychain or act as a keychain itself. I like these because they are cheap, can be branded and given out, light and versatile. Check out to see some options as they are local to Los Angeles.


  • What is a better way to reduce stress by at least showing success? One of the best ways I found to reduce company stress is really showing cheap ways to get a lot of leads or business. That way is? SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Check out this local Pasadena, CA SEO company who is offering a killer deal on ranking for $100.

  • Lastly, digital visual cues or VFX are a great way to show your company in a positive way and also provide marketing collateral / value proposition delivery. Check out this VFX aka Visual Effects company in Los Angeles who can produce a killer video or digital promo item that you can push out.

  • Overall, another way to manage this all is stress management or stress management courses.

  • Lastly, have you heard of Landmark? Landmark Forum is a 3 day course that is designed to have people remove a lot of baggage in their life.